Hurricanes and Business Management

What separates the men from the boys in business management? Well, during the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season we saw many large corporations and even small businesses in their local communities rise to the occasion and they had managers and strong teams in place to handle a crisis. It is easy to tell Wall Street that the unfortunate hurricane dampened your sales during that quarter. But it is a wise company whose business management sticks together, works together and manages the crisis correctly.It is not every day that you find a business management team, which can handle such crisis as large category hurricanes. However, in the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season it is expected to be a big one and we will see winners and losers in the marketplace due to mother nature’s wrath. Is your business management team ready for the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season or are you betting on the Donald Trump “Blame Game” Apprentices TV Series style excuse tactics to explain your underperformance to Wall Street?Whereas mother nature makes the weather it is up to a strong management team in each business to make a profit and that means planning in advance, having a strong supply chain and been prepared for anything including the crisis that mother nature brings when she brings us these Super Storm category hurricanes. Consider all listen 2006.